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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Rain Cloud Ricardo reviewed Crescent Moon Karate Academy
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CMK is a good way for kids to learn discipline in class as well show their enthusiastic side outside of class such as on events like KNO (Kids Night Out)
I am more than proud to say I am a � black belt instructor of this fantastic school and teach such marvelous and rapidly evolving students.
This school has such a terrific amount of positive energy and enthusiasm, and is a great school to learn from in self discipline, defense, and morals that will inspire anyone and everyone of all ages to be better than you already are now.

David Fletcher reviewed Crescent Moon Karate Academy
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Simply the best place to train at in Los Angeles.

Johnny Beano reviewed Crescent Moon Karate Academy
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The Best Dojo!
You have to come by and see for yourself.

Brenda Mendez reviewed Crescent Moon Karate Academy
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Why do I love coming to the dojo? well its a simple answer, because its like my second home i feel safe. Coming to Crescent moon Karate Academy was the best choice i could of have ever made, not only have i learned how to punch and kick, I've learned how to be disciplined how to take responsibility, how to be more focus and especially how to respectful to others. When you come in to the dojo you will always feel welcome everyone is so friendly, and Renshi and Sensei are awesome instructors they are amazing persons, they will always push you to do your best.
I thank Renshi for everything! he has done for his students.

Janet Al reviewed Crescent Moon Karate Academy
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We love Kioshi!! Crescent moon karate is awesome!! Kioshi is very fun, loving, and has lots of patience!! I have and over active boy and Kioshi takes his free time for private lessons which I really really appreciate. All his students are very sweet and loving as well and they also help with my boy too sometimes which is too cute! I'm blessed to have found this place. And I am also seeing a big improvement in my boy ever since I enrolled him!

Porsha Sales reviewed Crescent Moon Karate Academy
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So so good! My son Ashton LOVES it - he’s shy and not very social but he’s opening up and listening and learning so well! So grateful for finding Crescent Moon :)

Ara Cueva reviewed Crescent Moon Karate Academy
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My son started almost two months ago. I got for him just the trial because i wasn't sure if i was going after the trial since the location is like ten minutes from home and at the beginning my son didn't want to go but after the first class he doesn't want to miss any class. He really loves to be there. Before the trial ended i was ready to enroll him for his classes. When he got his white belt he got by mail a postcard from Mr. Mendez and that motivated my son even more. All the staff is very friendly and helpful. Little by little he is improving in discipline, respect. Thank you

Laura Colquhoun reviewed Crescent Moon Karate Academy
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Training at Crescent Moon Karate is great for Alexander for many reasons. Morals, discipline, fitness, the ability to handle himself physically and defend himself are taught. The classes are also fun and entertaining to watch. If I had more time in my schedule, I’d train too. This place was recommended to me by friends and I’d recommend it highly.

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Kyoshi Torres

Master Instructor

6th Degree Black Belt | Life Mentor | Business Owner | Actor | Published Author | Motivational Speaker

Kyoshi Torres has a total of 24 years of Martial Arts experience.  Combined with over 20 years of teaching experience, Kyoshi Torres is dedicated to the arts; motivating and challenging both children and adults to become better people and reach “Black Belt Excellence”.  

 He studied the style of Beikoku Wa Do Ryu under the teachings of Hanshi Rick Herbster.  Hanshi has been teaching for more than 40 years in the Martial Arts.  Kyoshi Torres grew to understand the principles of Black Belt and lives his life as a modern day Samurai, with Honor, Loyalty, and Respect.

 Kyoshi Torres has always believed in giving back to the community and selfless service to both the community and his country.  In 1989 he began giving back to his community on a monthly basis as a Member of the Boy Scouts of America. In 1996 Kyoshi Torres started his journey of selfless service to his country with the NJ Army National Guard. During his time of service in the guard, Master Torres achieved the rank of Sgt. He played an active role in the protection of vital communication and transportation divisions of New York and New Jersey, after the attack on the US September 11, 2001.

 In 1998 Kyoshi Torres achieved the rank Eagle Scout, this is the Highest Honor to be held in Scouting.  In the same year he achieved the rank of Black Belt under Hanshi Herbster.  

While attending College at Rowan University, Kyoshi Torres continued his training and teachings at the University.  He began an 8-week self-defense course open to all students as well as teaching a cardio kickboxing class for two years at Rowan University.  Many of his students have said how caring and respectful he is, and are impressed with his teaching skills and martial arts ability.  

 Kyoshi Torres relocated to California in 2004 finding warmer weather and more training.  He trained with Mixed Martial artists while in California, and learned to blend traditional martial arts with modern martial arts.  

Kyoshi Torres began teaching his own students in 2006 and his Karate students excel with every class.  With help from his instructors and Masters he is running a successful Martial Arts Training Program in Southern California.

Kyoshi Torres is an accomplished martial artist in his own right.  He earned the coveted Eagle Scout and Black Belt before his 17th Birthday, He Joined the United States military and Served in the New Jersey and California Army National Guard for 9 year.  He Relocated to Los Angeles, California and opened his own Successful Martial Arts Training Facility.  

Kyoshi Torres has written and published several books on character development and appeared at local schools for Motivational Presentations to children, Teachers and Parents.  Kyoshi Torres even hit the Hollywood Scene as an actor in a few Independent films.  

He brings wealth of knowledge from his extensive background and Experiences in everything he has been able to accomplish.  There is still something he is always striving to do and that is to help everyone discover the value of the martial arts training, and how this training can facilitate a long, happy and beautiful life.

“I wish for those of you reading this book is to gain the best of the knowledge I have of the Black Belt Mindset and utilize it to help you and your family for generations to come.” ~ Kyoshi Robert Torres

Martial Arts Ranks 

  • 6th Degree Black Belt  – Wa do Ryu Karate: May, 2016 Shihan Rick Herbster (Rising Sun Karate Academy)
  • 4th Degree Black Belt – USJA Japanese Jiu Jitsu: Sensei Scott Main  (USJA)
  • 1st Degree Black Belt – Okinawan Kempo: Aug, 2001 -Shihan Brian De’gori (OKKA)
  • Brown Belt – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Dec, 2018 – Professor Alberto Crane (Legacy BJJ)

Sempai Rosales



Sempai Rosales is one of the key Instructors at Crescent Moon Karate Academy.  She has been training for nearly 10 years.  She has exceptional patience while teaching.  She is always looking to grow and improve for the benefit of her students.  She is patient and always enthusiastic and looks forward to teaching everyday.  Aside from being one of our Top Instructors she is an avid Singer and volunteers her time at her church to sing and give back to our community.


Stop in and visit with Sempai Rosales today!


====> Learn more about her HERE <====

Sempai Mendez



Sempai Mendez is an amazing young man!  At just 16 years old, he has already achieved the rank of 2nd degree Black Belt and is an Instructor at Crescent Moon Karate Academy.  He has a passion for Martial Arts and He is one of our  amazing Top Instructors.  Our members always say how mature and professional he is for his age as well as how great his rapport is with their children.   Aside from teaching at Crescent Moon Karate Academy, He attends school and is pursuing his passion for film and music.


Sempai Mendez is a staple in our academy, Look out for his High energy classes when you visit!

Sempai Ricardo



Sempai Ricardo is one of our longest standing Black Belt Instructors.  His mother came to the Dojo for help as a last resort, before being shipped off to Military School.  (He never had to go to military school).

As a result of his training and direct tutelage under Kyoshi Robert Torres, Sempai Ricardo has grown to be a respectful and responsible young man.  We are proud to have him as one of our most senior Black Belts.








Mr. Ziga

Assistant Instructor


Mr. “Z”, as everyone calls him at the dojo is a caring and disciplined student.  He is one of our most eager Black Belt Instructors and loves working with students of all ages.  He started at Crescent Moon Karate in 2014 and has been training consistantly over the last year to earn his 2nd Degree Black Belt.  He started training to get into better shape, defend himself and meet new friends.  His favorite training day is sparring day because he loves the competition aspect and seeing how much he’s improved over the years.

Come train with Mr. “Z” and you’ll not only get a great workout, but learn and have fun all at the same time.


Mr. Miles

Assistant Instructor


Mr. Miles has been studying martial arts since he was 4 years. His favorite things about martial arts is the full control of your body and mind. Learning karate helped him learn to respect himself and others and loves to teach his students these same principles in the classes he teaches at Crescent Moon Karate Academy.

Aside from Training and teaching students at Crescent Moon Karate Academy Mr. Miles is also a professional actor & stuntman in films and television in Los Angeles.  He also produces and acts in films of his own.











Ms. Diana

Instructor Trainee


Ms. Diana is an Instructor Trainee.   She trained at Crescent Moon Karate Academy when she was younger and took a long “break”.  Now as an adult she is motivated to Earn her Black Belt and become one of our Awesome Certified Instructors.  She loves working with our Karate kids teaching them that although things get hard, and life gets in the way, you should never ever give up!

We are happy to have Ms. Diana and are luck to have her as one of our Instructor Trainees.